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We give more in value than what you pay for.

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Partner with us at Speakers Bureau in equipping your people with the skills, tools and techniques needed to boost productivity, drive performance, develop innovative solutions, achieve career and organizational goals. Speakers Bureau delivers consultancy and training solutions that give your organization the winning edge.

Management & Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Supervisory Skills
  • Basics of Effective Supervision
  • Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Strategic and Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
  • Assertiveness and Strategic Speaking Skills
  • Confident Public Speaking
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Effective Inter-Cultural Communication
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Oral Communication Skills
  • Take-Charge Presentation Skills
  • Team Talk
  • Technical Writing Skills
  • Telephone Mastery

Our Programs

Whenever we propose training interventions for you, we don't simply tell you what our programs can do for your people

More importantly, we try to learn about your business, we analyze your organizational culture, we explore your corporate values, mission and vision, and gather as much information to ensure that our programs are the right fit for your business and your people.   See all our Programs

Meet the Team

Our powerhouse team of trainers provides training and consultancy services on a range of people issues, to help you bring out the best in your business team.

A woman whose life has been transformed by the power of speech. She is also a woman of many “firsts.” Know her more
Dina H. Loomis

President & CEO

A natural communicator who is highly motivated to share his knowledge and skills in the art of public speaking. Know him more
Dino H. Santos

Talent Management Director

An HR and Organizational Development practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in helping clients achieve their maximum potential and meet business objectives. Know her more
Malou R. Cervantes

Learning & OD Director

Most in-demand trainer for Effective Business Writing, Oral Communication Skills, and Events Planning & Management Know her more
Sylvia P. Goloyugo II

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Sought-after trainer for Technical Writing Skills and Effective Business Writing Know her more
Vicky A. Crisostomo

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and corporate events host Know him more
Myron S. Sta. Ana

Associate Trainer/Consultant

In-demand motivational speaker and soft-skills trainer with expertise in sales and presentation skills Know him more
Boom San Agustin

Associate Trainer/Consultant

A TalentSmart certified trainer on Emotional Intelligence and an HR and OD expert Know him more
Ronaldo F. Turla

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Sought-after trainer for Records & Information Management and Effective Business Writing   Know her more
Aida T. Valles

Associate Trainer/Consultant

World-class trainer and consultant in the fields of Inter-Cultural Communication, Appreciative Inquiry, and Transformational Development Know her more
Bing Roncesvalles

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Award-winning CEO Coach, Author, Breakthrough Results Architect, and Executive Team Builder Know him more
Bjorn Martinoff

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Expert coach and trainer with more than 15 years of success in igniting performance excellence and unleashing people’s potential Know him more
Raju Mandhyan

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Why Choose us?

  • Powie Enriquez

    Allegro Microsystems Phils., Inc.

    "Great job, Ms. Dina! This is my 3rd seminar with Speakers Bureau and so far, I'm happy with the seminars that they offer."
  • Dyan P. Reyes

    Denso Techno Philippines, Inc.

    "The training is very good that it gave me a different perspective of the challenges I am experiencing at my current work assignment."
  • Marie M. Viluan

    KGB Philippines

    “Ms. Dina is credible and knowledgeable with the subject matter. She is very nice and accommodating. She personalizes the feedbacks she gives to the participants.”
  • Angelene G. Velez

    Makati Medical Center

    “Ms. Sylvia is very cheerful yet straight to the point all the time. There wasn’t a dull moment during the seminar. She knows how to make the participants feel comfortable with each other.”
  • Nelson S. Matias

    Metrobankcard Corporation

    “The facilitator is knowledgeable on the subject matter and very appreciative on the performance of each participants. Keep up the good job in inspiring, persuading and motivating others.”
  • Jose P. Magsaysay Jr., CEO

    Cinco Corporation

    “I’m interested to go to the next level and one-on-one speech coaching.”
  • Yeica Batucan-Palileo

    Starfires Music Center

    “It’s been an honor to have attended the program and revisit customer service principles – critical in both my professional and personal life. The facilitator was very inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable. The program’s interactive approach heightened participation, increased interest, and enhanced overall learning.”
  • Marna Joy S. Dahuyag


    “I love the speaker and the knowledge she shared to us is very applicable not just in our personality but also in our workplace and life in general. I also love the speaker’s love for God and for giving Him glory.”
  • Anna Mae Arellano

    Toyota Tsusho

    “It was a very good seminar-workshop! It is worth cancelling my appointments for the day. I learned a lot and it is surely a great help to my daily work.”
  • Ma. Rita Francia R. Fornoles

    LandBank of the Philippines

    “The seminar is highly recommended for other account officers in our bank(company) as well as those assigned in the development assistance unit.”

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