Dino H. Santos, DTM
Director, Talent Management
Team Building, Presentation Skills, and Trainers’ Training Expert
Voice Development and Public Speaking Coach

Dino Santos knows how to bring fun, learning and inspiration together in all his seminars/workshops. People always respond enthusiastically to Dino’s substance-rich and energizing presentations. After each training program, participants bring with them fresh perspectives, skills, techniques, and strategies which they could immediately apply to positively impact not only their professional but also their personal lives.

Dino believes that learning should be fun and that people learn the most in an atmosphere of fun.

He is the quintessential Trainer/Presenter. His exposure to public speaking began early in grade school by joining and winning numerous awards in speaking contests. His speaking skills were sharpened even more when he joined the Toastmasters and, at a young age of 28, became a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). His training and leadership skills were further honed when he worked as the Manager for Instructions of the Dale Carnegie courses in the Philippines.

He also taught at De La Salle – CSB and Meralco Foundation as faculty for their Diploma course on Training and HR. His desire to share his public speaking ability has led him to render coaching services to Rotarians, aspiring politicians, pastors and priests believing, as he does, that people in leadership positions should communicate well to become inspiring leaders and movers of men.






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