Maria “Bing” Roncesvalles, MIIM
Associate Trainer/Consultant
Inter-Cultural Communication and
Transformational Development Consultant

Bing Roncesvalles, MIIM (Master in International and Inter-Cultural Management), does training and consultancy work for different organizations in the fields of participatory action research and learning, strategic planning, organizational development, and inter-cultural communication.

She finished her Master’s Degree in International and Inter-Cultural Management at the School for International Training in Vermont, USA.

She is part of the faculty team of the Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies (ASDECS) and has taught courses like Transformational Development, Inter-Cultural Communication and Culture and Development in Manila, Cebu, Phnom Pen, Cambodia, and Vientiane, Laos.

She was the Director of the Center for Transformational Development, the non-formal training arm of ASDECS since 2009 until middle of 2011 when she moved up to Baguio to run a Bed and Breakfast cum Retreat Center Ministry called the HUB Retreat Place.  She also coordinates the ASDECS Baguio Program.