Myron Sta. Ana
Learning & Development Consultant
Corporate Trainer
Resource Speaker
Soft Skills Coach
Team Building Facilitator

As a talent development advisor, his expertise revolves around analyzing, assembling, and applying organization and talent development interventions that do not only provide employees a memorable learning and development experience but also close performance and productivity gaps, enhance occupational; individual; team; and organizational-level business results, and guarantee measurable; observable; and evaluable returns on investment.As an accomplished Human Resources Development specialist, he has educated, equipped, encouraged, empowered, and escorted to success thousands of individuals in the areas of English language communication and excellent customer service since he started practicing in 2008. These talents have ended up very successful in their respective professions and industries with a quality majority landing a job in supervisory and managerial positions inside and outside of the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

He specializes in a diversified menu of corporate and non-corporate training and development topics.

In the world of professional speaking, he is also fast-rising as an emerging brand in motivational and inspirational talks in the academic, government, non-profit and non-government, and corporate sectors in the country renowned with the moniker, “The Corporate EnterTrainer” due to his incorporation of entertainment (singing, dancing, role-playing, and stand-up comedy) in his teaching/training approach, delivery, and speaker-audience relationship.

For more than eight years now, he has helped numerous organizations belonging to the top 1000 Filipino corporations in the Philippines manage change and enhance business targets through efficient workforce optimization and talent development.







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